Moon was dim, wind was cold,

Only warm crystal tears

to light up the night…

So many broken stanzas

Not knowing what to write…

For countless nights,

In sleepless nights


Sun was dim, wind was dry,

The radiant smile

Whole world loved

Just to please everyone else…

For countless days,

In darkest days


“Do I even deserve this?

To weep, to weep & to weep

Every day & night”


“No, you don’t. See, how amazing you are”

“Am I?”



I saw a tiny twinkling light of hope there

In those consoling endearing eyes…


Day’s full of hope

Night’s full of gratitude

Stanza by stanza

Composing the song of life

Whispering to wind..,

“Better than yesterday – stronger than today”



“What took you so long?”

“The darkest nights produce the brightest stars. Trust your timing”



This is dedicated to all the people who keep trust in me, make me believe in myself & give me the strength to reach greater heights every day.



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