Hope For Breezy Findings


The reasons that keep dreams being followed, innovation to give birth to ideas, and for the simplest reasons we open our eyes each morning after getting lost in the veil of sleep; by all definitions, can be summarized to one word: Hope. Be it the clawing wait for the comforts we once enjoyed, the painstaking hours put into a work of art, or the motivation to keep pushing yourself to your goals, hope is an integral part of our lives.

Here’s an innocent hope to rejoin the wonder of nature; a windy reply to Gayanika Jayarathne’s poemThe Hope of Tomorrow…

Passing by I leave a whisper –
Dangling between the strands of your hair
Through the spaces in your fingers;
Guiding you loftily towards salt spray
“Come back soon I’m waiting,
Listening to your footsteps on the pathways…”

Now change the gliding perspective
To that burning in the skies,
Shadows thrown – highlight cheekbones
Growing glow – freckles a show
And the curving line of your lips –
As you bask in the sunset

The rustling tones of the crickets
Pastel skies dim to cool blues
Change from orange to pink-red –
Reflected in flecks of the ocean
“Till the next day, live alive,”
Whispered sun with a smiling goodbye

Once more I return to accompany,
Night-time chilly yet reassuring
“Home, until another day
A day that brings good tidings
But for now, here hold out your hand –
Hope, for breezy findings…”

Featured Image Courtesy: https://bit.ly/3niZcIR

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