In the middle of the wood, all silent, except for the crickets’ chirp.

An emptiness is wandering all around me…

Even I can feel the breeze, stubborn me, don’t want to cover up.

Shivering body of mine on knees, heading towards a light…


Through the tears filled up in my eyes, I can see it’s dazzling.

I can hear it’s saying in a tiny voice, “It’s gonna be okay”.

With that I can feel the sheer joy, rising upon me.

Barefeet of mine, gathering all their strength, trying to walk along the path.


Is it an illusion? Will I reach it?

Burning questions inside my mind.

But my heart is pumping the excitement through my veins,

Giving me the strength to believe that I can.

But what could it be?

Maybe… a new hope?



Never lose hopes… there’ll be tough times, that we all face, where you feel down, empty, and even try to give up and turn back. In such situations, we can recall all our hopes and dreams, that are looking at us from the future. Those will give us the strength that we need to rise and go ahead.

Sometimes hopes may not become true. But when one hope is fading away another one will rise upon you…


Written by: Shehara Nethmini


Image link: https://bit.ly/3xeme5k

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