“The true loss of humanity in the world is not just the destruction of our physical surroundings, but the erosion of our empathy and compassion for one another.”

Oh, what sorrowful loss we bear,
For humanity, once kind and fair,
Now fractured, divided, torn apart,
Leaving us with a heavy heart.

Where once we saw compassion reign,
And love and kindness ease the pain,
Now hatred spreads like wildfire,
Leaving nothing but pain and ire.

We’ve lost the sense of what it means,
To be human, with all its themes,
Empathy, mercy, and grace,
All lost in this chaotic race.

The world is now a darker place,
With prejudice and hate we face,
And in the midst of all this strife,
We long for the return of life.

Oh, may we find our way back home,
To where love and kindness roam,
And may we once again embrace,
The beauty of our human race.

For though the loss is great indeed,
We must continue to plant the seed,
Of hope and love, that we may see,
The restoration of humanity.


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