I can’t say goodbye!


Those days were so bright,
Still, wonder was that a dream,
Can’t believe, that it was real
Want to go back, to see you guys
I look at my lip-gloss,
And put all of my tight skirts into a
My handbag is still waiting for me,
Can’t wonder how I walked in those heels
I loved it when they called me madam
I always felt like, I belonged to there,
That’s my school, where I found who I am
Yes, that’s my family, who taught me how to live
Security uncle who waited to see my smile,
And my dear lovelies, who waited to hear my voice
My favorite spot, where I used to work
The carrom board and my tiny library must be there too
Still, the ATM is there, but no longer I’ll wander again
Still, my PC is there but I’m not there to open the accounts again
Still, the bank is busy, but no one will ask me to update the books
Still, my soul is there, that I can’t stop thinking about the time I
I don’t know why Still I can’t say goodbye …

By Dahami Kawya

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