Why do I love ELLA?

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The name seems to be so common among the travel lovers nowadays. So, probably there won’t be a need to introduce it as a nature-struck holiday destination.

Google will introduce it to you as a small town in the Badulla District of Uva Province, Sri Lanka.

We, the young generation will admit the fact that nothing can make us sit in a place except a mobile phone, tablet or a play-station. But if you really love the true beauty of your own life, yes, nature will find you a reason to bring you down on a place.

What if we all find a reason to be happy in our own style? Perhaps most of the pertaining issues on Earth will be thrown away. The main reason for almost all the issues is  the in-contentment of individuals.

There are none who can rise their hands to say they find their soul purified, within the concrete forests..

So the answer to all the above is nature, where our ancient ones were more content with just leaf clothes and barefoot, not with levi’s or adidas.

So this made myself get attracted towards the paradise on earth, “Ella”

The travel from Colombo to Ella is 212 km and the best way to travel is by train.

You can take Podi menike (05.55am -03.15pm), Udarata menike(08.30-05.30), Daily 1007(09.45am-08.25pm)or the Night mail (08.00pm-06.15am the next day).

To watch the sunset during the journey and to reach the destination before its dark,the best option is Podi menike. To enjoy the journey, its better to reserve your tickets before the journey.Tickets are in an affordable range to any. Reservations by Sri Lankan railways is made easier by online booking and also m-ticketing.

Journey in Podi menike is yet another lifetime experience of watching Adams peak, Bible rock (Batelagala rock), Nuwara Eliya town, some of the finest tea plantations and most importantly it will pass through the Pattipola railway station, the railway station in the highest location in Sri Lanka.

What else make Ella special?


Little Adams peak, Nine arch bridge, tea field views in Liptons seat, Ravana waterfall, Ella spice garden and Ella rock… The list extends to every square feet of the town, but the above lists down those that should not be missed.

The first question from a food lover in a trip is where and what special food are there? The answer comes out from the kitchens of few elegant restaurants . Some of them are Café chill, Jade garden, Matey hut and A.K.Ristoro. If you really wanna run out of Sri Lankan food and enjoy some western food, A.K.Ristoro is the best in providing you with delicious pizzas and pastas.

Then the most important thing is the stay there! As most say, the stay is quite expensive, still its worth expending on a stay there just to see the views below.

Ella jungle resort is one of the major site supporting hotels for stay.The fact that it faces the banks of Kirindi Oya, has made it famous among both local and foreign tourists.

Such a place is worthwhile expending on, to get to know that the most beautiful lady in sight , is mother nature.


Image credits: http://www.skygreenresortella.com/att.html