In That Moment


Filled with numerous hopes in mind
We walked in through those gates
Into the new chapter of life
Some said it was vicious in there
While some had nostalgia over it
Opportunity in a lifetime
Some said so

Whatever the arguments were
We were already beyond those gates
Numerous awkward feelings in mind
We treaded along eagerly
Some were grouped
Some on their own
Passed the gigantic Nuga tree
Which was beaming all over
Lightened up by the morning sunshine

A pure white building stood in the vicinity
The only thing we always knew as FOS
The only thing we had seen
Passing by,
Yet it was just one out of the many
Massive buildings
Waiting to welcome us
Though none knew

Nearly 9.00am was it,
Gathered in the prestigious place
The so called KG Hall
New faces
New aspirations
New dreams
Filled with joy and laughter

Heard many new faces speak
Some listened, some slept through
Some occupied with whomever beside
Hours passed
Lunch time was due
Ready for lunch
Everyone waited for things to end
Finally, the end

Out came the entire crowd
Unknowingly did they wander
Here and there
Looking for a place to
Fulfill their hunger

So it was lunchtime
We ate,
We laughed,
Time flew quickly
New friendships blossomed
With cherishing memories
For the years to come!

By: Thiruni Withana

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