Initial Step For A Global Village…!


“ Technology is not only a subject; It’s the revolution of the era ”- is a familiar statement to us.

We know that there is no place without technology. In this 21st centuary, Science and Technology has influenced each field like medicine, communication, transportation, education and so on.

If we take medicine, there are innumerable medical equipment and devices that function with the aid of technology such as laser, X-rays, DTT scanner, Endoscope etc. These are very useful for human beings to diagnose their diseases quickly and to get proper treatments

If we take communication, it’s very easy to communicate with anyone living anywhere after the invention of the internet, E-mail, smart- phone, Skype etc. Nowadays, we can communicate within a second in anytime. Especially, on Skype we can communicate by looking at each other.

In transportation, there is no tiredness or tediousness after the technological invention of the various means and methods. Airbus, cars, vans,  jetwings, ships are some of the sources of transport which are very helpful to passengers as well as foreign travelers.

In education, it’s an immeasurable revolution. Computers, scientific calculators and projectors make the students to keep keen in their studies.

Also, electricity plays a major role in the growth of science and technology. The provision of electricity is lighting our homes, shops, hospitals etc.

In Astronomy, there are rockets and space shuttles to do researches in the space and on other planets as well.

Though, Technology gives advantages there are some disadvantages. ”Bomb” is one of the technological inventions which is used in wars to destroy people and properties. ”Robots” are the final results of the modern technology uptodate.  Although, they offer advantages to people many scientists confirm that they will be the enemies to us in the future.

At the bottom line, in every field we can see advantages and disadvantages. But, after the arrival of the modern technology the whole world has turned to a “Global Village”.

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