UOC Freshers’ Swimming Tournament 2017


Freshers’ Swimming Tournament 2017 was held on 3 rd of March (Friday) at the NCC pool. The event was subdivided into 2 main categories as men’s events and women’s events. Freshers from all the faculties and Institutes of the University of Colombo participated in the event. As a whole, the game was quite tough and it was so difficult to guess which party would win until the last minute.

The swimming events that were held are listed as follows

  •  200m freestyle (men)
  •  25m , 50m , 100m backstroke (men & women)
  •  25m , 50m , 100m butterfly (men & women)
  •  25m , 100m freestyle (men & women)
  •  25m x 4 medly relay (men & women)
  •  25m , 50m , 100m breaststroke (men & women)
  •  100m medley (men & women)
  •  25m x 4 freestyle relay (men & women)

From the beginning of the event there was a tight challenge between Medicine, UCSC, Science and Arts students. It was a friendly tie between the young scientists, doctors, computer guys and artists, whereas the law students and management students too gave a good try for the victory.

In the men’s events Faculty of Medicine became champions while the Faculty of Science were the runners-up. UCSC secured the women’s championship with the Faculty of Arts coming at the 2 nd place.

The overall results of the swimming tournament were amazing as it gave rise to two 1 st places, two 2 nd places, and two 3rd places when we consider both men’s events and women’s events together.

Faculty of Medicine and the UCSC became champions after securing a total of 8 points altogether for both men and women’s events. The budding scientists and Arts Faculty secured the 2 nd place achieving a total of 6 points for both men’s and women’s swimming events.  Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Management each scored a total of 4 points obtaining the 3 rd place.

Can we guess the overall champions of the freshers meet with the above results? No. It’s too early to jump into a conclusion as there are still more events for our champions to go through. Who would make it to the end? Keep your eyes open and cheer for the victory. The trophy is all yours champions!

For more photos visit: “Fresher’s Tournament 2017 – Swimming” by FOS Media.




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