Freshers’ Volleyball blazes the score board.


Marking the 10th day of freshers’ championship, volleyball matches were held on 8 th March 2017 at the indoor stadium. All the faculties brought their male and female teams to lead the scoreboard points towards victory. Teams were high spirited, courageous and determined to grab the championship. The fellow students were raising hands and filling the air with loud cheers to support their teams.

After an exciting battle, faculty of Arts were able to secure the men’s championship reserving the second place to Faculty of Science. Third place was won by Faculty of Management and Finance.

Not letting the men to rule the volleyball court alone, ladies too displayed their colours through very energetic and competitive series of matches. Faculty of Art won the first place in women’s volleyball. Second and third places were secured by Faculty of Law and Sripali campus respectively.

Scoreboard points are rising and falling with every single point added. Few more days to go, to reveal the true Champions.

For more photos visit : “Freshers’ Tournament 2017 – Volleyball” by FOS Media

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