Inter Faculty Championship 2019: ELLE


Elle, the sport of god according to people of Sri Lanka, takes everyone’s attention every year at the inter faculty championship as well as in the freshers’ tournament. This year’s inter faculty Elle tournament was held on the 6th of November at the University of Colombo grounds.

The games were played in two categories: men and women. Unlike the freshers’ tournament, the inter faculty games are very competitive because the best players from each faculty meet at the ground. Everyone’s attention was on the Faculty of Science team because most of the players representing the University of Colombo Elle team were playing in the science team. Every team in the tournament did their best to bring the trophy to their faculty. They dedicated a lot of things for this day with very long continuous practice sessions.

Every match in the tournament was a thriller because every team tried their best to bring the trophy to their faculty. Students from a lot of faculties were present at the ground to watch their teams perform. Our FOS Media members did an incredible job covering the whole tournament the whole day. After this thrilling tournament the results were as follows.

Men’s category

After the first round the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Management and Finance, UCSC, and IIM were selected to the semi finals. The first semi final match was played between the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Management and Finance. The final score was 4-2 with the Faculty of Science winning the match. The second semi final match was between UCSC and IIM. In this match the final score was 5-4 with UCSC winning the match. The final match was between the mighty Science team and UCSC team. This was the most thrilling match in the entire tournament because both teams were very competitive and equally talented. However there must be only one winner in the end. The UCSC team won the match with a final score 2-1 breaking the hearts of Science Faculty spectators. The match for the 3rd place was won by Faculty of Management and Finance with final score of 2-1

Women’s category

Unfortunately there was no Science Faculty team in women’s category this year. However after some thrilling matches the third place of this category was won by IIM. The final match was between the Faculty of Arts and the Sripalee Campus. The Faculty of Arts won this match and became the women’s category Elle champions 2019.

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