Netball Tournament: Inter-Faculty Championship


One of the most glamorous events of the University year is the Inter Faculty Championship. In that, the Netball tournament is something that grabs the attention of many. This year’s Inter-Faculty Championship Netball Tournament was held on the 07th of November at the University of Colombo ground from 2.00 p.m. onward. 6 faculties of the university competed for the championship. There were total of 6 matches including finals.

The first two matches were played for the last two semifinal spots as Faculty of Management & Finance and Faculty of Science were already qualified for the semifinals as last year’s finalists. The match between the Faculty of Arts and UCSC was won by the Faculty of Arts. Meanwhile, the Faculty of Medicine emerged victorious against Sripalee Campus in the other qualifier.

The semifinals were very intense as all the teams gave their full strength. After two beautiful and very competitive ball games, Faculty of Management & Finance and Faculty of Science defeated Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Medicine respectively. Hence, it carved the way for a thriller at finals. The match for the 2nd runners-up was won by the Faculty of Medicine who defeated the Faculty of Arts with the final score of 15-09.

All the matches were met with masses of spectators who gathered to support their own faculties. Thus the grand finale was played in a very competitive environment under a very intense atmosphere. However the Faculty of Management & Finance seemed a bit of an over-match for the Faculty of Science as they had many players who represent the University of Colombo netball team. Nevertheless, the team of the Faculty of Science tried their level best without giving up till the end. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to secure the championship as the Faculty of Management & Finance won the game 11-05.

Eventually, the Inter-Faculty Championship 2019, Netball Tournament ended crowning Faculty of Management & Finance as champions, and the Faculty of Science as 1st Runners Up.

We, FOS Media, congratulate all the winners and appreciate the great efforts of all other participants in showing of courage and strength. We also thank them for rejoicing us with some really exciting games.

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