International Tiger Day


International Tiger Day is used to show the people of the world about the conservation of tigers and their value. It is celebrated on July 29th, every year. The purpose of this day is to focus on conserving tigers and their habitats. Many people in society understand the value of these animals by being aware of this day. This makes it easier to protect the animals. Due to various human and environmental activities, the tiger population in the world is decreasing very rapidly. Threats facing tigers include poaching, conflict with humans, and habitat loss. Poaching and illegal trade are the biggest threats faced by wild tigers.


A tiger found dead at Bhoramdev Wildlife Sanctuary in Chhattisgarh


Tigers have become a hot target for traffickers due to the demand and value of tiger bones, skin, and other body parts. This is a great hindrance to the spread of the tiger population, causing them to become locally extinct. Apart from this, nowadays we often see tiger skins being used in home decoration and clothing production. Crime syndicates are involved in the tiger trade for huge profits, such as using the bones for medicine and tonics. The trade is estimated to be worth $10 billion a year in the United States alone. This is why we need to work hard to put an end to poaching and the illegal trade in tiger parts. International Tiger Day is celebrated on July 29th every year for many reasons like this to raise awareness and support for tiger conservation issues. India currently hosts the largest tiger population in the world. The Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve is the largest in India and covers an area of 3,728 square feet.


State-wise Bengal tiger population in India, 2019

History of International Tiger Day

International Tiger Day was celebrated for the first time in 2010. 97% of tigers have disappeared in the last century and only 3,000 remain. International World Tiger Day is aimed at stopping these disappearing tiger numbers from getting worse. Along with conserving these species, the day also aims to protect and expand their habitats. Many international organizations like WWF, IFAW, and Smithsonian Institution also celebrate International Tiger Day. In 1973 India launched ‘Project Tiger’ to revive the tiger population as project tiger. In 2010, 13 tiger range countries committed to TX2, to double wild tiger numbers by 2022 as Project TX2. In 2017 IUCN recognizes the continental tiger and the Sunda island tiger as tiger subspecies.


Under former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, the Government of India launched Project Tiger to save the steadily declining population of tigers in India on 1st April 1973.

How to Celebrate International Tiger Day

Firstly we have to revise awareness about the issues on tigers. We can do it on social media or some of our communication ideas. After that, we can adopt a tiger. Adopting a tiger can be a huge boost to WWF and the work it is doing. They fund projects that work with local communities to save tigers and take tough action against poaching and illegal trade. Next, we can raise funds for a tiger charity. You can donate to charities working for the welfare of tigers. Further your good cause by using your social media usage to ask your friends to donate to similar charities. In the year 2022, the WWF aims to double the number of wild tigers.

International Tiger Day aims to strike a delicate balance between humans and tigers. Today we realize that a healthy tiger population is a well-balanced ecosystem, as we are all interdependent. Tigers are now an endangered species and we all must do our best to protect these magnificent animals. As conservation efforts are made throughout the year, International Tiger Day reminds us to step in. Even though humans are largely responsible for the decline in the tiger population, let’s save the environment and wildlife by becoming a group of passionate wildlife enthusiasts who do their best to make the planet a more livable place for tigers.




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