“Look more closer” for things we can’t see

Closer we look, the more we can’t see

Substructure of matter, the energy we don’t see

Do we understand the things we can’t see?


You can’t see the future, you can’t see the past

Except in your memory, the fragments of your past

“Consciousness of an AI mind” won’t come so fast

Fast or slow, the TIME won’t last.


We need light to see in the dark

Can’t see light, only what it hits in the dark?

Brighter the day, the stars lose their mark

Will there ever be a daughter for a quark?


Why are we here, is it to give all a show?

What are we gonna do about it when we grow?

“Everyone sees red as red?” We do not know.

A lot we don’t know, that we don’t know



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