It’s a matter of choices


“In every single thing you do, you are choosing a direction. Your life is a product of choices.”

– Dr. Kathleen Hall-

If you spare some time to have a glimpse of what life has given you from your birth up to now, how you feel about your life is different from another. That is simply because rather than the destiny, life is manipulated by the choices you make in your life. The lifetime we have is too short to explore everything encountered by us, hence, making choices is of vital importance in order to shape our lives.

Choices are everywhere. Simply, reading this article is again a choice and you have already made it… From morning to night throughout the days, weeks, months, years …, we make a whole lot of choices and finally face their consequences no matter good or bad. No one can be blamed for what you get because you are the governor of your life.

At present, if a person makes a choice and tries to proceed with his/her life with it, there are many people who insult, penalize and laugh at him/her. If you are well confident enough that the choice will not bring harm to you or any other, then the real question is,

Do you regret and quit what you wanted to do or do you go ahead and achieve your goal?

The choice is yours!!!

If you want to write a new blog, if you want to travel all over the world, if you want to dive deep into the sea, if you want to get your hair colored in red or blue or whatever, and, if all of these things would never harm anybody, then why do you hesitate?

The outside world might see you in different angles and might comment on you in a way they prefer. But the person who knows the best about yourself is only you. You are the one who knows your strengths and weaknesses. No matter what the others say, do what you feel right in your heart’s deepest core because your choices decide whether to ruin or add color to your life.

Sometimes we make bad choices but still, that’s a part of our life. Repenting on such bad choices is again a bad choice. We cannot undo the past but yet it offers an overview of the decisions you made. By learning from them, you can make your life so special.

Then the people who insult you, those who demotivate you will be fans of you for no reason but only for your amazing personality.

Be yourself. Treat yourself. Make yourself special within you!!!


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