La huitième leçon


Nombre Ordinaux   (Ordinal numbers)      


Hi, my dear friends I’ll meet you after a long lap of period with a new segment of my series of lessons in French. In the previous chapter I discussed about cardinal numbers which are very similar to counting or primitive numbers. The ordinal numbers are mentioned following.

Première fois- first one                                                               

deuxième fois- second one

troisième fois- third one

Quatrième fois- fourth one

In ordinal numbers, It  is clear that  ‘ième’  is tagged to the end of the cardinal form of numbers. The multiples of the cardinal numbers   Une fois- one time

deux fois- two times

trois fois- three time

quartre fois- four time

My friends, you can observe that the word ‘fois’ is used to mention  ‘times’ in English language. But La première fois- the first time La dernière fois- the last time I think that you would like to know the months of the year in French.

Les mois de l’anneè

Janvier- january

Fèvrier- February

Mars- March

Avril- April

Mai- May

Juin- June

Juillet- July

Août- August

Septembre- September

Octobre- October

Novembre- November

décembre- December

  les Jours de semain ( The days of week)

Lundi- Monday

Mardi- Tuesday

mercredi- Wednesday

Jeudi- Thursday

vendredi- Friday

samedi- Saturday

Dimanche- Sunday  

Les saisons  ( The seasons)

L’été- The summer

le printemps- The spring

l’automne- The autumn

l’hiver – The winter

Composed   by   Amila perera

Composé   par   Amila Perera.


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