Lessons Learnt


My semester exams are finally over. Here are a few things that helped me prepare for them and not lose my mind in the process!

One important lesson I learnt last year is that none of the extra reading you do is of any use if you don’t know what’s in your lecture notes to begin with. So I paid close attention to my lecture notes this time. I found that it worked like a charm! Not that I didn’t look up any extra material. I did; because to me, nothing beats the feeling you get when you scan through a text book and come across an answer you were looking for.

But lecture notes and library books weren’t the only things that came in handy. I discovered that group discussions are one of the most stimulating learning methods. That being said, you can’t just get together with any random group and expect it to work out well for you. Working in groups is no easy task. (If you’ve worked on a presentation with 10 other people you’ll know what I mean!) So it’s important that you find a group of people who motivate you. I was part of two different groups and I must say I had some pretty amazing study sessions.

One other thing I tried for the first time is finishing up all my revision before leaving the house, on the day of the exam. I’ve come to realize that last minute studying doesn’t help me in any way. It only makes me more anxious. Finishing my revision at home gives me time to collect my thoughts and keep calm just before the exam begins.

Now I hope you’re not under the impression that everything went well for me during these past few weeks. It didn’t. My chemistry paper was a disaster. It took me a few days to recover from that. And there were times when I almost lost my mind because I felt like I wouldn’t be able to finish my revision. But I did manage to hold on to my sanity, thanks to my supportive parents, crazy friends, two adorable cats, food and music.

Preparing for this semester’s exams was a learning process in itself. I tried out new revision methods and made some new study buddies. And the best part? I actually enjoyed it. As long as  you’re happy, doing what you do, you’re bound to learn lessons that will last a lifetime.  

With that I shall wrap this up and go embrace the much needed week-long semester break!