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She can be a mother…. she can be a sister…… she can be a friend…. She can be a partner…. She can be anything that she wants to be. Every woman in the world is blessed with the ability to multitask and play multiple roles which come into her life. Nevertheless, the stereotypes about women that have been deeply rooted within society are still prevalent. Every woman, whether it is in the present society or the society 100 years ago, is expected to live within a particular framework that has been pre-defined. Deviating from this framework results in judgmental looks and glances from people around one. Due to this very reason, the majority of women have opted to adapt to this pre-defined framework rather than standing against it. They, themselves have locked their selves within this cage built by society to avoid being judged by people. This is the very place where we have gone wrong. 

Gender equality is a topic that has gained popularity over the past few years.  Nevertheless, many individuals fail to understand the real meaning of it. A lot of people believe that gender equality is where women want to be superior to men or women want to be in control of the men. The fact is all these statements are wrong. Gender equality has found its way into this male-dominated society to make everyone understand that women deserve an equal amount of respect as men do. It is a reminder that women are not just objects that are left to be controlled as their husbands like. She is a living, breathing human being with unlimited potential and charisma just like a man.

Men and women might look different physically. A man can look strong and intimidating while a woman can look petite and fragile but that does not mean a  woman is not as strong as her male counterpart. Her physical appearance has got nothing to do with her internal potential and mental stamina. Thus, there is no reason why women can’t be treated as equal to a man. There is no reason for a  separate rulebook that women should go by. There is no reason for a woman to be judged for being herself without adjusting herself to accommodate the stereotypes of society. There is no reason for a woman to be harassed for her physical outlook and there is no reason for a woman to be considered inferior to men. 

There are many instances in history where women have taken the lead in changing the world. Queen Elizabeth I, Joan of Arc and Cleopatra are a few examples of iconic women our world has had the fortune of seeing. Even today there are strong, empowered women taking the lead to change the ideologies about women around the world. They prove the fact that a woman is much more than an individual who only exists to be objectified.

This is exactly why Women’s Equality Day is celebrated on the 26th of August.  It is to raise awareness among women in a society that they deserve to be treated with equal respect to what a man receives. It celebrates the signing of the 19th Amendment which granted women in the United States of America the right to vote. It highlights the injustice that women in society still face including gender-pay gaps and physical and sexual harassment. 

It is a day that shows women that they deserve more than what they receive. It is also a reminder that the concept of gender equality is not something that must be followed just for a certain day or month but is something that should be instilled in the core values of society. Parents must learn to teach their sons and daughters to treat each other with care and respect. This helps build mutual respect between genders which will be a giant leap in achieving equality. 

Let us as the younger generation be the example the world needs to see. Let us take this matter into our hands and lead society towards an age of gender equality, love, respect, and care. All we need to find is that middle path where men and women stand together as partners and not as superior and subordinate. It is then that we can proudly say “The world has become a better place to live in”. 


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