Let New Year Be a New Start


As sun moves from Pisces to Aries; once again, we welcome a new year, which comes with a message of hope, new shades of colors for a bright life. Songs of Cuckoos, coral trees that are full of flowers tell us that it is time to move on, celebrate, be happy, and forget the bitterness of life.

This spring is the perfect time for a new start, for us to turn a brand new chapter in our lives and let go of the past and stop regretting.

 Time to right our wrongs.

Time to forgive and held hands.

It is more like a reset button.

The nice smell of oil cakes rises our appetite, makes us more energetic. Let that energy stay with you throughout the year and help you with reinventing yourselves. Sit down and create a list of New Year’s resolutions, and follow through with them.

Create a difference.

Make sacrifices, so that you can live the life, which you always wanted.

Instead of worrying about past, which never comes back or wondering how you are going to face tomorrow, always try to take one-step ahead in right direction per one day. Let the morning sun be your strength. With the blessings of the adults, let your life be guided and felicitated. Let every second be auspicious and make your every effort a success.

May you live life, always imagined.