Letter from a girl


“Damn, you are a girl! You can’t do that!”

The most famous quote ever. l swear, you must have heard it a million times if you are a girl. But have you ever thought that you are a million times stronger than men, physically and mentally? No more doubts. So there is no point of living under their rules and regulations. This doesn’t imply that we, girls want to be equal. Actually we don’t, because we are way better than men.

When God created humans, he first created men, because we always make the rough draft before the final masterpiece. Girls, we are the best creation of God.He gave us two hands to hold the weight of the whole world, he gave us a big heart to feel every pain and tolerate it, he gave us a creative mind to keep the darkest and the deepest secrets. Hence, we are the best invention of God.

Girls, then why do you always live inside the box? You can achieve more. You are more powerful than you think. No need to stick to the rules set by the society. Break the rules. Live your life as you want. Do what you want to do.Speak up for your rights.

Grab every opportunity. Enjoy your life to the fullest. Go for a vacation without thinking about the rules of the society. Eat as much as you want, stop thinking about your figure. Laugh as much as you want. Dream high. Make plans. Educate yourself. Encourage yourself.

And boys, before you tease a girl, think twice! No matter if she is a virgin or not, she is a girl. A daughter, a sister, a girlfriend of someone.

Think about your mother, the backbone of your family. Confident, beautiful and ambitious. Can you imagine a day without her, without her unconditional love? Remember how your beloved sister loved you when you got lost in the brutal world? What about your girlfriend?

Her kindness, humbleness, deliberation?

I won’t say that every woman is like your mother, sister or girlfriend. But every woman deserves the respect because she is a mother, a sister or a girlfriend of someone else. So think twice.


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