Lies Beneath The Truth


She hates telling lies

Or concealing the truth, same difference.

So when she says she never loved him

It’s simply a lie.


Though the world didn’t know

She fell for him the first day they met

And that was years before.


When she tells she wasn’t waiting for him

That’s another lie.

Indeed she waited for him

To see through all the laughs and smiles

Read what was truly there

Behind those eyes

Every time he looked into their depths

Realize it was love

They were feeling and sharing.

They had something between them for sure.


If she told you she didn’t search

His eyes among thousands she met

That girl is lying through her teeth.

It was his eyes she was looking for

Once walked into a room

Full of strangers.

Believe if you can, she could point

His eyes from anywhere.

By any chance, if she did

Her own eyes light up

Like the sky on New Year’s Eve.


If anyone caught her saying

She didn’t care for him, can forget him,

Never wanted to be his

It was all nothing but lies.

Lies that tore her soul

Every single time they were told.


He was everything she wanted

Yet the one thing she couldn’t get.

Each night she begged to God

That he will understand

What were her feelings?

And he would continue to be the man

She changed him into, for good.


That girl would have done everything

Just to get a glimpse of him.

But life doesn’t work that way.

You ought to know that by now.


For what it’s worth, she already knew

The cost of lies.

That it’s not we mistake them for truth.

And knew the real danger is that,

If we hear enough lies,

We no longer recognize the truth at all.

The irony is that even knowing all these

Those lies have been her life.

Since the day he told her,

His truth.

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