Light and Life


Life is a tree.

Roots in deep, leaves in sky;

Life is a stream.

Runs on stones and makes them shine,

Life is the sky, the sea, the breeze,

No! It’s not life.

Life is you,

Your eyes, your smile,

Life is light,

The Day, the Night.


Across the dark meadows, below the fiery skies,

Beyond the black waters, the lone mount rise,

Through forests of shadows, I looked for a light,

To take me through this endless night.


By a singing stream of pebbles and larks,

Sitting; was a soul of light and sparks,

It kindled so high, the glory drew nigh,

As the sparks and lights enclosed me.


Life is a tree.

Knotted roots and shriveled leaves,

Life is a stream,

Toothed monsters wait beneath,

Life is the storm, the thunder, the flames.

No! It’s not life.

Life is you,

Your winnings, your cries,

Life is light

The Day, the Night.


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