Live In The Moment


Life is a collection of moments. Moments that make you happy and the moments that make you sad.

Day by day, second by second, you will depart from one moment and arrive at another moment. No matter whether those moments were good or bad, you have to leave them behind. All of the moments that we leave behind will become our past, the moments that we have just entered will be the present, moments that we are about to step in will be our future.

Have you ever noticed the gap between these three occurrences? It is very short and therefore hard to be recognized? This gap can be a second or a millisecond or even smaller than that, which is immeasurable.


Passing moments and entering into new moments is a constant in your life. Pausing a moment or stopping a moment for a while is impossible. Though it has been said that life is also like a movie, none of us can stop, pause or fast forward it. The only thing we can do is adjust accordingly.

“Live in the moment” is not just a phrase. If you truly understand its meaning, definitely you will be able to change your life. Living in the present means that you are aware and mindful of what is happening at this moment. This awareness and mindfulness will obstruct the distraction made by the worries of the past or the future. Eventually, it will help you to center in here and now. All of your attention will focus on the moment. It will bring you inner peace. You will feel more relaxed and focused when you don’t have any worries about the past or future. It is the key to a healthy and happy life.



Anxiety, sorrow, frustration, anger, envy are some of the feelings that will ruin your present. All of these feelings are the results of past incidents that happened to us. Being presently minded will help you to fight these feelings. When your mind is covered with dark and unnecessary feelings, will you have that inner peace? Will you feel like living? But if it is filled with happiness, satisfaction, gratefulness, affection or kindness, you will truly feel that you are living. Mind is everything. Different people admire the world in different ways. It is the mind that differs the world from one to one.

Life is short. Cherish each and every moment of your life. Admire what you already have. Stop worrying about what you don’t have. Always remember, rather than grumbling, it is always nice to have a cup of coffee, while listening to some music.


Written by: Risini Chathma


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