Love at First Sight


Every pace was electric, as I got closer.

A novel feeling that made my heart beat faster,

as my feet tickled on a land so foreign,

yet familiar as my mother’s essence.


As I walked inwards, she stood tall and sturdy.

Her luscious curls dangling towards earth, bouncing.

A hug, a welcome, a warm greeting, you decide!

The great Banyan tree was like an embrace under the sky.


To my right laid the grounds of great victory,

a verdant green land scintillating under sunbeams.

Pellucidly clear skies in the bluest of pastels,

colouring in the beauty of this idyllic varsity.


Once upon a time, I doubt if it was even real,

gazing at the digital screen in a 2D universe.

But now looking at her it feels surreal,

her beauty and warmth tingling all my senses.




Vintage architectures scattered divinely,

lush of frondescence garlanding her perfectly.

I could feel her smiling underneath her soft breaths,

as my friends and I cracked jokes on the benches.


She too missed us, missed her dear children,

the echo of their laughter dissolving the silence.

The constant babbles and the nonstop chuckles,

she longs for those memories, those cherishing moments.


For 6 odd months, called a place I never saw, my home.

But I couldn’t believe it until I saw it on my own,

and the moment I did, I knew this was the place.

The place I belong, the one I’ve been searching for for days.


The experience was ineffable in so many ways,

unpenned thoughts of euphoria still wrangle in my brain.

If how I felt was the ocean, these words were mere waves,

was never a believer of love at first sight, until that day.


Written by: Ama Upeka


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