‘Love’, My Dearest Valentine…


Oh ‘Love’!

My dearest valentine

Forgive me, I failed to realize,

The truth; The fault is entirely mine


Oh ‘Love’,

Alas! I did not love you

Loved your bearer instead,

Such a pretty girl, Aphrodite who?


A vivid void in my heart,

That is what she left

Felt the agony, the anger,

I was left nothing but bereft


I met another girl then,

And the cycle resumed

More pain, more rage,

They widened the wound


Perceive I do, now,

My mistake; I see

I did not love ‘love’ itself,

But the one who gave it to me


Learn to love ‘love’, I shall,

For that’s what loving truly means

To let go, with love,

Or to set them, the givers, free


Oh ‘Love’!

My dearest valentine

I shall begin to love you now,

I’ve dearly missed you all this time…



Image Credits: https://bit.ly/3lwpWqD

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