Just a single note
Begins the masterpiece,
Cling the melodies
By and by,
Minors upon majors,
Phrase after phrase,
‘Tis endless
For each microsecond.

Tempo rubato?
Who cares?
Make it Ritenuto
Leading A tempo.
Hang thy Diminuendo
Yet it doth not stock
Being a Fantasia
I warrant.

Make the chromatics
Lead thy crisis.
Let thy paled blood
Fall upon in droplets
With no hesitation.
I utter thee –
‘Tis a storm
maketh thy face haggard.

But never forget,
Tonic governs the coda,
Ending the long episode.
Try a perfect cadence,
But never regret if not,
Make it harmonious.
With thy specific embellishments
‘Tis thy masterpiece.

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