My Long-Lost Sun


Sometimes it’s real, sometimes it’s not.

Sometimes it’s possible and sometimes it’s not.

Feeling tired and lost already, I’ve come so far,

And let me say it wasn’t easy.

Once I promised that I’ll be at your side and will never leave.

So here I am looking for my lost sun,

In this ceaseless, dark, and cold storm.


I’m a moon, inside my head is a cold war;

Between my imaginations and reality.

Searching for the drops of your bright rays,

I wish you could see how dark here.

I barely see the daylight, even if I did, I doubt the existence of it.

Even though my heart whispered, “Now it’s time”,

I know it’s not.

When the time is right, you’ll be here to spread light on me,

With your warmth, I’ll be awakened from this fantasy,

And I know only your light could lead me on this road.


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