Narcissus: The Drowned Flower


On the vast sky of emptiness

There lay the most handsome face

Inches away from the surface

Life glittered in the blue eyes…


Oh, how perfect!

Caramel curls and solemn arches

Chiseled edges and heavenly petals,

Falling into the abyss


A restless echo hung in the air

Ravening beasts dwell in the green

Could they shatter even slightly

The divinity of stillness…


To flee from the madness

Delving into the ripples

Has he lost in the self

Or has he found the self?



Ego embroidered over the love

Nevertheless, have you ever

Bloomed so goldenly

Sequestered yet proud on the banks.


P.S: The son of the river god fell in love with and was engulfed by his own reflection. Narcissistic he may be but the river banks were kind enough to embrace the flowers that emerged in his name.


Image credits: Author

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