New Beginnings


“Mind if I sit?” A voice sounded in my ear. Turning, I saw him standing there, gesturing to the empty seat beside me.

Shocked would describe my stance I guess. Nodding mutedly, I watched in awe as he took his place beside me. Something enticed me in the most mundane tasks he performed. He had all my attention, yet his was solely focused on the task at hand.

“Do I have something on my face?” A voice broke me out of my reverie, startling me slightly.

“What? Um no. Why do you ask?”

“You have been staring at me with this soft smile, making me wonder if I had anything on my face and you were, well, trying to be nice about it.”

Had a soft smile on my face?! Gosh! I felt the heat rush up to my cheeks as I hurried to shake my head in a vigorous no before turning to plaster my face against the window, letting the cool glass, chill my heated cheeks.

For some reason that day, the time seemed to be in a hurry, and my mind was not at all in the journey. Declining the offer to join in the fun of the ride, I kept to myself, enjoying the tranquility brought by the rising sun and the passing sceneries. Yet, despite Mother Nature’s wonderful effort of trying to capture my attention, my mind refused to acknowledge the serenity surrounding me. All it sensed was the presence next to me.

Turning my head, I let my gaze rest upon the figure next to me. The focus seen written across his face was entrancing to watch, and I felt like a lost cause. The falling beams of sun enhancing his features even more, made the entire vision so pleasing that drawing my eyes away from it was impossible.

“You bored?” A voice pulled me out of my thoughts.


“You seemed to be staring at me absent-mindedly. That’s why I asked whether you were bored?” He questioned. Then he turned and glanced about. The entire surrounding was asleep, or staring out of the window. He then abruptly stood and brought his bag down.

Curiosity etched itself across my face as I sat observing his actions and a pang resonated within my chest on seeing him take out his earbuds and putting them in his ears. Unable to look at him further I turned away to face the window, with the thoughts of ‘Am I that boring?’ filling up my head, giving way to the multiple insecurities which I had managed to snuff out and bury deep till that date. Who knew a simple question who bring forth such deep thoughts? More importantly, why did I seem to be getting such thoughts?

The mounting panic did not help as the tear ducts too joined their hands with the rising emotions. I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“I feel you may enjoy my genre of music.” A hesitant voice pulled me out before darkness consumed me whole.

I stared into his eyes stupidly, whilst feeling myself drowning in a different whirlpool of darkness, when finally a snap of fingers pulled me out. Looking at his palms I saw an earbud laying there. Scared to move fearing it was all a dream, I reached out to take it, only to lift my eyes to witness a beautiful smile enhance his face.

The warmth that filled me was something new, something which I couldn’t simply capture into words. I was simply stunned to even speak. So I simply didn’t. The melody that filled the air made me enjoy the moment a bit more, and a small smile once more made its way to my lips.




As the ride came to an end we parted ways, going on about enjoying the scenes and having our fun, both occupied in our little worlds. Yet for some reason, my eyes often searched his.

I felt at loss. For I wasn’t able to identify my own feelings. Yet the magnetic pull that I felt from those beautiful swirls of darkness had enraptured me whole.

Going about my day, I felt myself wishing more and more, that maybe perhaps, he would still sit next to me on the ride back. That maybe perhaps, his eyes too search mine. That maybe perhaps, his heart too beats so fast in my presence. That maybe perhaps, he too feels like I do…

It wasn’t until late evening that realization struck me.

Walking onto the sandy beach, drenched in salt water, and still riding the high wave of joy, my eyes once more met his. Standing there ashore, with a cup of tea in hand.

As I stepped onto the higher floor, he walked up to me, offering the warm beverage right to my lips from the cup held in his hands, and there I stood in awe. The concern and care which filled his eyes, blanketed me with a shroud of warmth, making me only crave it more.

It was at that moment I fell. For someone accustomed to the horrifying and lonely side of darkness, the darkness of his orbs gave a new meaning, comfort, and company.

Half entranced and half scared, I managed to pull myself away from the dark irises, which still continued to comfort me even as I looked away.

And it was when I took my seat on that window seat once more, did it dawn upon me, the intensity of my feelings for him. The wish to perform the most mundane of tasks alongside him. The wish to be held within those dark swirls and to receive the warmth it gave. The wish to simply be by his side through the entirety of the journey.

“Mind if I?” A voice once again echoed.

A small smile bloomed and the beating heart swole, as the setting sun stood witness, to an unexpectedly new beginning, between two souls.

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