New Hope…



No path was a path at first

We’ve created our own path to reach our destiny

Throughout this journey, many joined with us while many left

And here we are getting ready to turn a new chapter in our lives

When I turn back to see the route, I chose

There were thousands of moments, filled with smiles and tears

And thousands of memories filled with exquisite feelings

Though the path was narrow and long

I’ve never felt lonely, thanks to the happy faces I met

Even if I wanted to give up many times,

There was always a fresh breeze to lift my soul

It was a wonderful journey filled with love and many blessings,

Which added a new colour to my life

Here the sky is getting ready to give us a warm welcome with showers of blessings

And it’s time to listen to the whisper in our hearts,

Which navigates us to towards a Happy Ending

May this new year will be a nice chapter in our lives

Let’s start to move on with new dreams and hopes.





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