Ode to Greed.


In that wide geyser of greed,

Lies not an ending satisfaction.

Oh ye pernicious plague I shall plead,

Die in those bones a kingdom rotten.

Where an iota, a piece is left not,

Die and burn in that inferno,

Swear I to ignore thy seductive roar,

Die for deceit wins no more.

With pacts signed before the darling death,

Approach dearly polluted harlots ye,

I shall smother, kill thy venomous breath,

In thy glorious brothel of divine glee.

Peril my faithful brother suffers,

For thy passionate melodies, earworms,

Lit an unorthodox hope that mutters,

Goals for the puppets in thy terms.

Be from soils and waters exiled,

Be buried in the deepest abyss,

A death slip I shall let be filed,

For I adored thy tone a wretched bliss.

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