Ode to Mother


How much love must one possess within,

To go through pain so agonizing,

Willing to tear apart flesh and skin,

And shed blood through cruel incising.


How strong must one be to feel no fear,

Whilst fighting fierce battles with death,

Sacrificing for an entire year,

Bestowing the greatest gift; life’s breath.


The kindness she pours; day after day,

The wealth of care; deep inside her heart,

Her light shines like the dawning sun’s rays,

It strikes us clear; like a winning dart.


Resplendent is she; mother divine,

Standing firm through our struggles and strife,

Even if I die ten times or nine,

I couldn’t repay that debt of life.


So on this day; the fourteenth of May,

Let me bow my head in gratitude,

For the love and care you’ve sent my way,

Let this be my ode, song, and etude.


Mind not my words; insipid and dull,

As great joy; mother of mine; I bless,

To me, you are like a ship’s safe hull,

May you live long, a life of success.


Written by: Shehara De Silva

Image Courtesy: https://bit.ly/3M27vUe

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