Oh! Hello there


Oh hello there, it’s a pleasure to finally talk with you. We are happy that you finally noticed us. For the past few days, we were trying our best to contact you. How rude of us to keep talking even without introducing ourselves! We are the voices inside your head and I am the voice you are currently using to read this.

Is this the reaction you are going to give? I thought you would be surprised.. at least a little bit. Well they were right when they said expectations hurts.

Oops, sorry for going off track. We actually wanted to talk to you about something serious. Hey, do you remember that one day when you were just minding your own business and out of the blue your teacher asked you to solve the question on the board? I had similar experience with you. One day I really wasn’t interested in reading anything but you, without even a little warning, started to read your history book. Well, I knew that you had history exams on the following day but still, talking about Parakramabahu while I was resting, was not the brightest idea. Next time just give me a warning before starting to read something.

And the next thing is the things you read; I mean seriously, what good you will get by reading a Facebook story about her cute little puppy?

Don’t get the wrong idea, we love reciting everything you read. The thing that you read about quantum mechanics was one of the best things that ever happened to me and I must say you have the best taste in story selection. Every story you read still lingers inside me and I loved every single moment you spent with my (your) favourite book.

So what we are trying to say is, just like your other body parts we get tired too. Overusing us won’t do any good for you. If you are planning to use us for more than a few hours without a break, we won’t be able to grasp everything you want to read. So take some breaks, drink some water or “that”. Hey don’t give that face, you know what I meant by “that”! After all, I am a part of you. Just make sure we are ok to read something before you starting to read.

So please remember that we are really glad to help you, but before starting to read anything just make sure you really need to put that stuff into us. We are always with you no matter what, so let’s go and read something else!

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