Oh, Life!


I just wanted to see the beautiful rainbow

When you gave me a pouring rain just before


I sought salvation, to change the world –

Not to bear with another one of your hurls


I only waited to see me sprouting, like an onion,

Growing, changing from the inside

But you started peeling off my layers, a million –

Tearing, ripping till there’s nowhere left to hide


I departed to start afresh, ran with all my might,

Reaching the end, I’m barely fine –

But there is just another beginning,

Not an end

And you along with all of them

Strolling a few yards beyond mine,

Swear I heard a faint

“Sweating already my friend?”


You laughed at me didn’t you,

Oh, life? –

When I thought, happily ever after comes –

Without a price


-By Dewmini Jayalath-


Featured Image Credits: https://bit.ly/3aKMavx

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