On her wedding day


Rushing to lectures and staying up till 2,

 Struggling together and making it through

From here, as I watch the pretty bride with her groom,

 In my head, a flashback of the four years that flew…


Site plans and research work,

 finishing reports that were due

Countless shops investigated,

 searching for the perfect shoe


Scolding for being ‘last-minute’,

 in almost everything you do

Assignments and deadlines,

 with town plans to go through


In the middle of windy nights,

 after watching a horror movie or two

Unless you muttered ‘what’ to my calls,

 lord knows what I’d do


Standing here, thinking of all that,

 watching the beautiful you

Silently I thank the day,

 that I walked into you!


Image Courtesy – Ruchira Ekanayaka

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