Only If I Knew


Only if I knew

That you would never return:

Return home again,

What would I have done 

On that silent day?


Only if they knew

You’ll never come back

Back to ‘em.

Would she have held on to you?

Would he have locked you in?

Would they have stopped you?


Is it selfish,

To not let you go?

To lock you in? 

Is it too much

To ask for you to stay?

Is it too much for YOU?


Only if you knew

That you will never see:

See us again

What would you have done?

Would you have stayed?

Or would you have flown away?


That day! Cruel and Rough.

We; Blued and Blanked.

Our hearts; Shattered and scattered.

We heard; Only Cold ‘SILENCE’!


Only if I knew,

Bout ‘That Day’.

I would’ve wished everyday

For you to forever STAY!

But now it’s too late, 

You are GONE forever!


Written by: Ravindi Thissera

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