Passing the 800th milestone…

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Thinking of all those times I have sat staring at a blank white paper with a pen in hand or a white screen, with hands paused over the keyboard, only needing a command from my head to make sense of a whirlpool of emotions or a handful of facts gathered, this precise moment is nothing less. Yet, there is a difference. This time there is a clear purpose. A year back, when I joined FOSMedia to try out blogging, which seemed quite promising for one passionate about writing (when the mood exists though) and a mind that worked too fast to grasp each and every moment in life, which resulted in a momentary breakdown or pause every now and then, to produce a stack of words that made sense, little did I know that a day will come when I will be typing away my thoughts, in the best way I can manage, to mark a special milestone of our blog.

Being a 23 year old undergraduate at the Faculty of Science,University of Colombo, struggling to make the best out of university life (and not 100% a bookworm), becoming a blogger was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. So far, it has served as source of knowledge, outlet for suppressed emotions, eye opener to novel ways of thought and ultimately a cozy place for your brain to visit when it could use a diversion.

Freedom to express one’s ideas in the present day world is not always a wish granted, especially in an environment where work comes first. As bloggers, this is one great privilege we enjoy. Also, it must be said that the outcomes of this are quite satisfactory too. The FOSMedia blog has become the seed to beautiful poetry, stories that have brought imaginary characters to life, philosophical musings when one dares to think beyond and a fine collection of scientific articles through which whatever knowledge gathered, is shared with the world outside.

With an ever growing family, currently our blog is gifted with the contribution of over a hundred talented writers, starting from the author of the very first article published to freshly joined bloggers who are awaiting the first publishing of their articles. Thankful to the decision I made to become a blogger representing the official media unit of the Faculty of Science, marking our 800th blog post , I hope that the FOSMedia blog will keep flourishing to reach thousands of readers, while providing an equal platform to the voices of hidden writers and the renown, worthy of being heard for after all, words hold more power than we give credit for.

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