Pera Hits University Records of Swimming’14


Another bright Sunday morning came to cheer up the J’Pura pool with number of swimmers who were to blast another tournament of Inter University Games. Since early in the morning the premises took a crowded appearance because of the viewers and swimmers who were warming up and getting ready for the coming up competition representing from every university.

50m events and the relay events were the most exciting events as the rush of the adrenaline activation was kept until the end of those events. However, K.P. Manawadu from USJP set a new record of 00.26.55 seconds in 50 m Butterfly men’s final and achieved the Relay events.

S.S.K. Chandana from UOC achieved two Silver medals in 200 m breast stroke men’s, 100 m Breast Stroke Men Final events and also the UOC team shared silver and bronze medals in 200 m Back Stroke Men’s Final, 100 m Butterfly Women’s Final, 200 m Back Stroke Men’s Final and 400m Free Style Men’s Final.

UOC team
UOC Team

UOP team also set some new university records and achieved some points to high up their rank in points table. D.M.H. Dissanayake from UOP set a new record of 1.3106 minutes in 100 m Breast Stroke Women’s Final and the old record for this event was 1.3409 minutes. A.M.W.G.A.P. Abeykoon from UOP also set a new record of 6.0245 minutes in 400 m Free Style Men’s Final.

However, the beginning of the day was bright and shiny; in afternoon, few events were postponed shortly due to the heavy rain. However the last events of the day; which were Free Style and Medley Relay (Men’s and women’s), continued even in the drizzle.


UOP and USJP dominated the whole event from the beginning with an outstanding performance, not only with their talented swimmers but also with the rocking cheer from the arena. FOS Media congratulates both the universities and all the players for such excellent performance and looking forward to see another exciting swimming meet next year.

Results at the end of the events.

Mens Womens Overall
1st USJP-141 Points UOP-100 Points UOP-163 Point
2nd UOC-66 Points UOC-67 Points USJP-148 Points
3rd UOP-63 Points UOK-33 Points UOC-133Points