Not all stories are fairytales

Maybe the timing is not perfect

Maybe it’s not how you planned it 


The edges of an end

The start of a beginning 

Maybe you can’t draw a line 


Maybe you’ve been saying you’re not ready, your whole life


But in a moment 

The puzzle fits 

A flash from a future 

So full of laughs and smiles 

A feeling – 

“This is right”, 

And you want to put everything down

To take the plunge 


All the conversations that never end 

And all the sparks that could possibly fly –

All the rapports correlate 


This is your story, you didn’t get to write 

It’s the fairytale, you get to live 


Isn’t it better than you imagined 

Better than perfect? 


Poem by: Chandula Fernando

Featured Image Courtesy: Tharini Cabraal

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