Piece from Jadhu’s Diary-3

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Today was started as hard day for every parts who works for the competition. Because this was  day the competition is starting. As to start of competition, theoretical knowledge of competitors have to been checked, at first. So, all of jury members were met early in the morning to face one of biggest hardship they have to face. It was none other than translation paper. So, all of them try hard to translate this papers into their native or easy languages that they can handle with group members.

After this translation, challenge came to competitors. All were started to face first theoretical round. When outside was affecting with heavy raining hall was not got any sense about that. All were trying to do their best to their country.

While all of these were happening, there was arranged another program for specially team leaders. They were taken to very important place.

‘Upanda sita karapu paw natha warak wandoth Kelaniye’

Kelaniya temple is one of famous and sacred place in Sri Lanka which is located near Kelani river. This place is honored and worshiped by Buddhists in whole world. This place is very special, because the third arrival of the Lord Buddha was happened here, as per invitation of King Maniyakkitha, the ruler of naga in Kelaniya. There is sthupa was constructed as paddy shore which was  built surrounding the Gem chair, that Lord Buddha was sit and done dharma deshana at that time.People in Sri Lanka believe if once they worship Kelani temple all bad things they have done washed away.

So all team leaders were visited Kelani temple to worship place and understand the Buddhist culture in Sri Lanka. By understanding them it will be easy to understand other team members very well. As well as it was a aim to understand architecture, art which is based on Buddhism too. Not only that relaxation of minds of team leaders also aim of this, because it is necessary for further works. To archive all of these this was the best place for it.

Team leaders were worshiped Kelani temple and studied nature around the place. As well as they watch beautiful paintings which were done by famous artist Sorllis Mendis and facsinate about that. As well as they saw how people are worshiping this place and they wondered calmed environment within crowded background. After some hours, all are returned to hotel premise before the paper was end up.

‘Tour in Colombo’

After four hours paper there was happy news for team members and it was none other than the tour of Colombo. All team members with team leaders got into buses and leaved hotel. After that they arrived Colombo and their first destination was ‘Lakpahana’ where the Sri Lankan products were sold. So, all were getting gifts, memories after they got out from buses. By the way it took long time, so someone made noises about staying in this place .


At last night was arrived and tour was cancelled. So, all were returned hotel with sad mood.

At night time there was a paper checking session which was done by jury members.

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