Piece from Jadhu’s Diary-4

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A new day started with cloudy skies. Time always gives us chances, it is our choice whether to grab it or not. There were remains from the last day’s program. Therefore we all gathered to complete the journey around Colombo. Most of us have visited Colombo many times. But for them it was a novel experience. During the short stay of foreign competitors, the organizers of the event did a great job in educating them with simple facts about Sri lanka and letting them experience a glimpse of Sri Lanka.

First we arrived  Galle Face Green, an ocean-side urban park. While enjoying the view of the Indian Ocean we spent a playful time.

Galle face Green is the best place to view the coastal constructions of Colombo. Sky scrapers standing high and still, added value to the scenery. Not only that, they saw a ‘Rila dance and a snake dance’ performed by a gypsy guy. The chance given for them to hold the python would be an unforgettable experience.


‘ Walk for Freedom’

Then we visited the Independence square complex, the place which was built in commemoration of the independence from British in 1948. It was constructed after the Independence. This place is an example for implication of  our ancient architecture to modern buildings.

It was good place to understand our ancient architecture and how it was used in modern time. There stood the statue of the first prime minister of Sri Lanka, D.S.Senananayake, who is the father of the nation. They enjoyed the place as they moved freely in the premises.

After visiting the square, we walked to Planetarium by foot. It is located next to Independence square, adjacent to University of Colombo. Our visitors walked under the shade of trees in both sides of the road from Independence square to planetarium. Undoubtedly it had been a good impression to walk under cool shades filled with aroma of the flowers.

Planetarium of Sri lanka is a beautiful construction of Dr. Kulasinghe, one of the famous engineers in Sri Lanka. Competitors had a special session in planetarium. Then after returning to the hotel, all had their lunch. After the lunch Mr. Mahesh Herath conducted a very interesting lecture on exoplanets. It gave more information to participants about astronomy. 

‘Race with Stars’

During the night, competitors of all the participating countries were prepared for another round. It was the observation session of the competition. it was held on Arthur C. Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies. With the interruption of rain this was done in a new way.

This session was held till dawn of the next day. While sun is rising from horizon I’ll stop here to start a new episode about tomorrow(today).

Image Courtesy: FOSMedia