Pluriel(plural) Troisiem épisode (Third Episode)


1) The words which are being ended up eou or eu will be engaged or suffixed ‘x’ after u.
For examples(pour exemples)
le bateau- les bateaux(The ships)
le bureau-les bureaux(The offices)
le couteau- les couteaux(The knives)
le neveu-les neveux(the nephews)

2) The nouns which are being ended up with the letter ‘l’ will be suffixed aux instead of ‘l’.
For examples(pour exemples)
le journal- les journaux(The journals)
le signal- les signaux(The signals)
l’animal- les animaux(The animals)

3) There are some other deviations. Let’s look at the following nouns.
le bal- les bals(the bals)
le carnival- les carnivals(The carnivals)

4) Some nouns which are being ended up with a,i,l will be suffixed ‘aux’.
for examples(pour exemples)
le travail- les travaux(The works)
le vitrail- les vitraux(The glasses)

5) There some special cases following
le rail- les rails(The rails)
le chrnduel- les chrnduels(The jerkins)

6) The words which are being ended up with o,u will be suffixed ‘x’ to convert into plural form.
For examples(pour exemples)
le genou- les genoux(The knees)
le bijou- les bijoux(The adornments or the bijous)
le caillou- les cailloux(The pearls)

But there are some deviations as following
le cou- les cous(The necks)
le clou- les clous(The finger nails)

Comment nous prononçons les voyels et les conssonnes (How we pronounce the vowels and consonants)
-H- This is silent at many places.
– The words which consist of other consonants out of ‘c’,’f’,’l’,’r’ at the end will not be enunciated upto the end.
-a-short sonorous in word. Car- Usual pronunciation like English.
-e- Sel(Salt), merci(Thanks), short sound or audition.
-é- – the long audition (elongated audition)
Café- coffee
Thé- tea
-ai,ei- mais- but(‘s’ is not vociferous)
reine- Queen
au,eau-‘o'(sonorous as ‘o’)
mouvais- bad

eu,œu-(Aug)- neuf-nine

– When ‘o’ is before the letter m and n it will be audacious as (Om, On)
– When U is before the letter m and n, it will be audacious as ‘Ang’
Parfum- Perfume
Un- one
– When a or e are interjected before m or n, it will be similar to ‘Aug’
dans- In
Enfant- child
-When there is ‘I’, which will be ‘An’
Pain- bread
Vin- Vine
In my next episode, I will discuss the most important topic in French ( Verbe être)which is very similar to English as ‘Be’ verbs or auxiliary verbs.(J’esperai discuter le titre le plus important dans Français lequel est ‘verbe être)

Merci Beaucoup

Composé par Amila Perera
Composed by Amila Perera