Field Trip to Galle


The trip was organized by Photographic Club of University of Colombo Faculty of Science.
As all of you know I am one bankrupt photographer with only a phone camera and a compact cam that broke down recently. So කැමරාවක් නැති කළ මොන ෆොටෝග්‍රැෆි ද ? Hehe So the sole reason I went on this field trip was to go an a trip, and because I hadn’t been to Galle for ages, not counting the Aththaragoda field trip.

I borrowed a compact camera of a friend never the less 🙂
So I have few captures that I found interesting.

I personally think Galle fort is the most boring place you can ever be. I love the beauty in diversity. I also like the beauty in simplicity, just like plain old black and white. But the environment inside Galle fort was not of either type. It was too much of the same thing and at first everything is foreign and after a while you get sick of too much of uniformity. So I didn’t take that many pictures of the architecture of the fort so many people talk about. Instead took things that looked different from the uniformity.

This was near the entrance to the clock tower
oh well I’m not sure it came right or not, but I surely enjoyed taking this photo.


The clock tower from different angles and different places.

two of five

three of five

Few crops of the same photo
There is a reason they call him “little psycho” 😛
The lonely man on top of the fort

View from the lower grounds near the clock tower was magnificent! Anyway I’ve always loved the sea, so that comment is highly biased. The vast ocean covers most of the view. From one side the cricket stadium and the buildings towards inland and from the other side the buildings inside the fort  covers the view.

As I remember a ODI match was scheduled that day
A weird ring inside the fort. Have no Idea what it had been used for. Looks pretty old and full of rust though. Probably helped to mount cannons.
To say again, I LOVE the colours of sea.
The Navy boats going around the fort in sea
I love to take these random geometric shots.
I love to take these random geometric shots.
Sight of a temple and a church(from the view towards the inside of the fort)
Sight of a temple and a church(from the view towards the inside of the fort)
This was at the front of the museum
This was at the front of the museum
So was this lamp post.
So was this lamp post.

We went to see two old churches inside the fort. All Saints Church and the Dutch Reformist Church. Out of which one had really beautiful windows with coloured glasses. They did not allow us to take photographs in side it ( probably we because we were not tourists or white skinned for that matter) but they allowed us to take photos inside the other church. I took this glorious shot of the window without using flash.


We got the chance to visit this small art gallery in Galle by some small luck. Apparently it was supposed to be opened in the evening on same day. The gallery has been open for quite a time, but not officially opened. So as usual I managed to ask and get one of post cards as a souvenir. You can see the works in the gallery by above link or this face book link because the above link takes ages to load with slow connection) I absolutely loved it.

Reason one : The whole gallery was painted in pure white without that many dents in walls. I love white walls. I’ve been trying to paint walls of my room in white with no success. Painted 3 coats and it still have the colour painted before lurking about!

Reason two: Almost all art work were black and white! Well I personally think artists speak in black and white. And that a great artist could capture the colours in black and white too. I mean not exactly colours but a great artist can trick you to think there are colours in black and white photograph or a drawing just buy bringing it alive with the shading.

This is one of the/the fan in the gallery decorated in a strange yet beautiful way.
This is one of the/the fan in the gallery decorated in a strange yet beautiful way.

I think I’ve made this post too long by describing the art gallery alone( And I’m not being payed by them to put this post) So I will write about the rest of the field trip in next post.
Expect lesser number of photos though. I had a point and shoot cam so it was not much friendly with low lights.
Until next time!