Real Heroes


Before the Victory,
It was our history,
And one of our rules,
Which kids weren’t sent to schools.

Fathers and mothers went to work.
But they were afraid, do not smirk.
Because their lives of brisk,
Were at risk.

Not only kids, fathers and mothers,
Of course, how could we forget the lovers,
They were afraid of being apart,
As their journey of love was at its start.

Indeed, these people were afraid,
Of the bombs that preyed,
Their lives away,
Making their family’s life grey.

All the forces together,
Fought against the suppressor.
Army, Navy along with Air Force
Got the victory with their mighty force.

Some lost their vision,

While carrying out their mission.
Some became deaf
So, they cannot distinguish the musical clef.

They not only sacrificed limbs,
While we stay at home and glimpse,
They even did the supreme sacrifice,
Without even thinking back twice.

Now we have an environment full of peace,
So that we can play a music piece,
Very freely in the pianoforte,
In tempo of Andante.

Unfortunately, the time has gone,
And our hearts of stone.
Have forgotten the war heroes,
Who risk their lives.

Let’s not forget,
But salute,
Our war heroes.
Because they are our real heroes.

Dedicated to all the war heroes, who are with us today and who are not with us today and especially to the disabled heroes both physically and mentally, some are not in good mental condition due to post-traumatic stress disorder. And also the families who lost their breadwinners during the Civil War which took place for 30 long years.


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