Reliance, Rage and Redemption


Through a glimpse thunder hits

Sky trembles into pieces

Pillars of wisdom fell

Shaking the ground


Felt blood throttle through my veins

Gloomy white smoke took the vision

Arms are shivering could not control fingers

Earth started to shake


Time paused for a moment

World was separated

No pain no sorrow

Only the flames of rage


The future I foresaw

Disappearing in front of me

Though I am fuged

The thing has already happened


In the aftermath of Fury’s blaze

I find myself adrift in a haze

No beacon of hope to guide my way

Just remains of dreams led astray


The ground beneath me feels unsure

For truths once solid are no more

I grasp for fragments of what was real

But find only illusions to conceal


Now I wander in this new reality

Bound by chains of my own frailty

No map to navigate this despair

Just the weight of regrets to bear


Yet amidst the chaos and the pain

A flicker of resolve begins to reign

For in the depths of darkness deep

Lies the promise of redemption to keep


So I gather the pieces of my shattered past

And vow to build something that will last

Though the truth may elude my grasp

I’ll forge ahead, unburdened at last


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