Remember When


Remember when we sat here?

Staring into the sky

Wondering of the ‘what if’s

As the years go by

I always had questions

Never ending they were

Yet you would sit amused

Never tired by the year

Life, a roller coaster,

Filled with ups and downs

On and off I’d wager,

Of what ifs, coming around

You’d simply sit and watch,

 as I blabber and frown

A nod to carry on,

 let all guards fall down

“Maybe that’ll be so,

 if I hadn’t met so and so

Was it bad to worry so?”

 On and on, I’d go

Many a evening passed,

 healing the wounded soul

Cradled in your arms,

 wasn’t scared to take the fall

The look in your eyes,

 made it all feel right

A grin to break the ice,

 in darkness I found light

I may never utter a word,

 No need, you’ll surely learn

Deep in my heart I heard,

 a safe key making its turn…

Image Courtesy – Nadeeshani Ekanayake

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