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What’s more precious than passionate teaching to little conversations that leads to big destinations? “SAHURDA” was yet another successful 3 day workshop organized by ‘Scintilla’ Nuclear Science Society of the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo.

With the intention of providing a quick further insight to the three main subjects, English, Mathematics and Science of the G.C.E Ordinal Level Examination, We, the members of ‘Scintilla’ visited Matuwagala Vidyalaya Rathnapura on the 25th of September, 2019. The Principal, Ven. Anuruddha along with the staff of Matuwagala Vidyalaya were instrumental in making the necessary arrangements to facilitate us and the students with great hospitality. We were warmly welcomed with a kind introduction for those eagerly waiting brothers and sisters of Grades 10 and 11.

sahurda workshop taking place

The first day was challenging, but it didn’t take much time for our age gaps to purge. Printed Model papers from all 3 subjects were handed over to the students. Attention was paid for the subject English in the morning session. The most important parts of the G.C.E Ordinary Level English Language paper; A formal letter, Picture description, Essay writing were discussed. Amidst the teaching process, our members assisted students and engaged with them in little conversations. They were enthusiastic throughout the session and they engaged in drawings, short speeches, sweet smiles and blasting laughter. We didn’t forget to make it a point to highlight the importance of learning English which would give them the edge anytime wherever they go. The afternoon session was filled with all those calculations taken from the model paper which were concentrated in the Mathematics syllabus of grade 10 and 11. We were so excited to revisit what we did a few years back and it felt really good when they solved those in the ways expected. With many unanswered questions in hand, the first day ended with the intention of meeting the next day.

We came back the next day with the same energy to discuss further on Mathematics and Science. The session was so long that it covered the basic fundamentals of mathematics to geometry and graph drawings. We had to pay extra attention on each individual to make them understand those concepts which we did with the best of our ability. The session ended with a discussion on selected multiple choice questions of the Science Model Paper. So as to change the flow, some games were played so that they got a chance to show up their skills and we didn’t forget to leave them motivated.

the kids at the school

Keeping up with the momentum we met up on the 3rd and final day. We were so pleased to see when they showed their homework which was given the day before. We continued to clear out their doubts with Mathematics focusing more on Geometry. The vital aspects of Science according to their preference of the Syllabus were discussed in an interactive manner. With equal hearts we embraced their happiness they gained in academics. The last day had more of those little conversations which extended to long speeches where we tried to teach them all about life but throughout they taught us what life is all about. Amidst appreciations and enjoyment the 3 day seminar series ended with never ending memories.

Scintilla group with the school kids

We thank the Principal and the staff of Matuwagala Vidyalaya for giving this opportunity to serve the younger community which was truly amazing. A huge thank you goes to all the Scintilla members who devoted their time and strength and actively participated to complete this project. Special thanks goes for our advisor Dr. Manuja Lamabadusuriya , Head of the Department of Nuclear Sciences.

“SAHURDA” was indeed a job well done. It’s not about doing everything but it is about doing the right things. In time they may forget what we said, but they will never forget how we made them feel.

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