Sevana – a journey of love


Have you ever spent your whole strength and run around a yard to experience the softness and diversity of a butterfly wing? Have you ever created the world of your own with a few sticks of crayons? Have you ever caught red handed to your mother after being soaked in the rain?

Most of us would say yes with a smile, remembering our amazing childhood, a time where wild imaginations overflow, desire to explore the world rise up and hands and feet experience the comfort of nature. But can you even think of a childhood that has lost its entire flavor, except innocence, a childhood confined to a wheelchair, clutch or to a desolate room and ultimately a childhood spent among the sympathy of other people? Yes, this is the condition of most of the physically and mentally challenged children in the world. Born with such a deficiency, most of the children spend the precious mornings of their lives within four walls. Their ultimate desire to watch and enjoy the undisturbed beauty and the revealed secrets of the environment remain unattainable in order to keep them out of danger. But shouldn’t they be given a chance to enjoy the outer world?


This unanswered question rattled in the minds of a few rotaractors of the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo for a long period of time.  And we were able to find the solution through “Sevana”, one of the signature projects of the Rotaract Club of Faculty of Science, University of Colombo. Joining hands with the officials of the “Preethipura” children’s home, Wattala we organized a day out for our little brothers and sisters with the intention of providing them ultimate entertainment whilst maintaining their safety.

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So our journey began on the 2nd of November 2014, with a few rotaractors and the caretakers and members of “Preethipura” children’s home. Competing with the heavy showers our voyage began at 7.30 a.m. with the hope of reaching our destination on time. The tedious bus journey turned out to be a music entertainer, with the aid of the guitars, bongos and the energetic rhythm of the passengers. And we were lucky to reach our first destination, Kande Vihara, on time.  The divine silence of the temple, fragrance of the flowers and incense sticks and the harmony of the enchanted prayers gave everyone a wonderful experience, which was beyond explanation. The time spent there, with our dear little friends reminded that being there for a person in need would expose the divinity in human.

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After the enthralling moments at the vihara we were back to the bus journey accompanied by our own musical entertainer. The rain showed some kindness and began to cease, adding extra happiness to all of us .After the delight for the eyes and ears it was time for a little feast. So the journey reached its next destination, a temple in Kalutara that gave us shelter to dine. Not only the plates of food, but also the affection and love of our mates   were offered to our innocent friends of Preethipura home.

Then the most awaited segment of the journey began. The Panadura beach embraced every one of us with all of its beauty and magnificence. The salty breeze began to arouse the spirit out of everyone. The piles of sand transformed into a playground and were filled with our own funny, little games. Our cheers and laughter began to echo within the beach giving everyone an unbound happiness and satisfaction.

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In keeping with the universal rule “All good things come to an end”, our day out reached its end. We brought our friends back to their nest to mark the end of our journey for this year. Although we heavy heartedly bid farewell from them, we left the premises with the satisfaction of adding a memorable day to their lives. So “Sevana” reached its end for the year 2014, offering a life changing experience and a wake up call for our rotaractors to admire our lives.