Silent Blessing


It is a silent blessing you always keep on me
from the day you received me from the heaven
though I thought that you had left me, alone
now I know that it’s not you, I’ve moved away from you

It’s true that you didn’t hug me
you could not always come after me
it’s true that you didn’t play with me
But now only I know that you kept your eyes on me

Heard that you kept up over nights and nights
On my little bed cuddled on your warm arms
By telling me stories of kings and queens
Keeping a hope to make me a queen

Can remember how I sat on your shoulder
like a queen looking around from the balcony of a palace
on a top of a huge mountain
you were not a king, but you wished me to be a queen

Know that you kept thousand dreams on me
through the ups and downs I made my way
but when I just paused and looked behind
I felt like I’ve missed you and come far from you

Yes it’s true that I came along your wish
I’ve just started and more to go ahead
Thaththa, the only thing I know is that
your silent blessing is with me, forever!!


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