We girls, have sisters.
Of different kinds, types and versions
Whom we love in different portions

Some share same womb.
May be at different times or at the same time
Either as a common boarding room
Or separate suites in the same motel
Coming from same sperm or may be not

Then again some share same paternal X gene
But not same maternal ones
Whom are we to judge?
As long as they don’t abandon each other

There are sisters who don’t come from same bloodline
But we took as our own
Friends, co-workers, neighbors
Adopted or complete strangers
Bound together
Sometimes from most surprising bonds
Like getting cheated by the same man
We never know

Apart from them all, there is a special type
Taken from little bit of everything above
And mixed into one perfect recipe
Whom we call “Cousins”

For some it might not be that special of a thing
After all who hasn’t got cousins, annoying lot, them can be.
But for some mysterious reason beyond rationality
For some, they are the world as in past, present and future

They are tied from the
Deepest place of the heart
To the point there aren’t any secrets left
Absolutely none at all

They support each other and lift themselves up
From the lowest to the top of the world
And sometimes make sacrifices which none can imagine
Just for the sake of sisterhood

They do exist
And if you are lucky as I am
You will find yourself
Among the solace of their love
This is for them

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